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Finally, Ninja Bodyguard Part 10!  It’s been . . . hmm, it’s been so long I don’t know . . . let me check.

It’s been (clears throat) 3 weeks and a day since Ninja Bodyguard Part 9 (or 22 days; I posted it on September 30), and 20 days since the Flying Lawn Mower (I posted that on October 2.  I hope I added the days right; please let me know if I didn’t!).  But, after typing during school study halls, after school, and on weekends, here it is!

Forgive me; it’s so much shorter than the other ones.  I’ll try to get Part 11 on as quick as possible, but for now, enjoy part 10!


In the blink of an eye, Michio took out a long metal chain and blocked Kaito’s attack with it.  “Heh.”  Michio smirked.  “You didn’t expect I had a manriki, did you?”  Kaito gritted his teeth.

“I didn’t expect for this to be easy, either.” he said, backing away from Michio.   His cousin smiled and put the manriki away, and he replaced it with his ninjatos.

“Enough fooling around.  It’s time for the real battle.”  Michio smirked and charged at Kaito.  He blocked one of the swords with his katana, and barely dodged the other one. “You know what I consider you as, Kaito?” Michio asked as he came in for another blow.  “To me and my brothers, you’re just a ninja wannabe.  Sorry, but because of your good-for-nothing father, you’re not one of us anymore.”  Kaito blocked Michio’s attack again, but this time, instead of moving back, Michio jumped over him and landed on a tree branch behind him.

“So, how about we take this to the top?”  Thunder rumbled in the distance, and Michio smiled.  “This might turn out better than I thought; maybe I won’t even have to kill you.  That thunder might just do that for me.”

Kaito jumped on a branch next to Michio and swung his sword.  Michio dodged, and Kaito moved his blade before it slammed into the tree.  “You’ve gotten lazy, Kaito.  Did the people at little Dave’s house pamper you?” Michio asked with a smile.  Kaito clenched his teeth and threw a shuriken, but his cousin caught it.  “That proved my point.  Thanks for the shuriken, Kaito.”

“You’re not welcome.”  Kaito swung his katana, but Michio dodged again.

“This is getting repetitive.”  Michio took out his manriki again.  “How about I finish this?”  When Kaito swung for the third time, Michio wrapped the metal chain around his weapon and snatched it.  “Heh.  You’re awfully clumsy today, not to mention weaponless.”  Michio threw the katana, along with the chain it was trapped in, upward, and it landed among the highest branches in the tree.

Before Kaito could react, Michio was in front of him, and both of his cousin’s ninjatos were on his throat.  “Sorry, but looks like this is checkmate.”  Michio smirked.  “My father would be pleased.”



Ninja Bodyguard is in progress.  I’m having a brain freeze right now . . .

Well, here’s a funny video.  I mean, who’s ever seen a flying lawn mower before?


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