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I wish everyone a happy 2010 thanksgiving!  I was going to write a Thanksgiving story, but I didn’t have enough time . . . well, here’s a song to think about.  Have a happy, safe, and, of course, thankful Thanksgiving!

Lyrics can be found here:


Yay- Part 11 is here!  Sorry about the wait, guys.

I got a school change (or transfer, however you want to say it), and now I’m taking Chinese.  I olny knew ‘hello’, ‘thank you’, and ‘you’re welcome’ in Chinese before that, and now I can add one more to that list: ‘how are you’ in Chinese (yay!).

It’s not easy catching up a whole marking period of words and characters, but I’m coming along.  It’s a good thing I have a lot of study halls. 😉

Well, here’s Ninja Bodyguard Part 11 (hallelujah!); it’s a Japanese piece in the mist of all this Chinese talk . . . well, enjoy!

(Another short part again . . . oh well)


He took a step forward, and something went right through his shoe; like a loose nail.  “Arrgh!” he screamed; the thing on the ground had gone past the sole of his sneaker, and it was about an inch into his foot.  Kaito had a grim look on his face, and before Michio could move, he jumped on the branch above Michio.

“I didn’t want to do this, cousin, but you leave me no choice.”  Kaito took caltrop from the leather pouch on his belt and used the point that was sticking up to pin Michio by the back of his shirt.  Then he pinned down his shirt sleeves, his jacket, his pants; he made the point of scarring Michio before he pinned him down.  Michio had worn a thick fabric so weapons wouldn’t hurt him as easily, but now that was working against him.

After that, just when Michio thought it was over, Kaito dug the caltrops into his hands, in the skin between his finger and thumb, to make sure he couldn’t get any weapons.  Blood trickled onto the tree bark.

Michio looked at the shuriken in his foot and gritted his teeth.  He just pretended to get angry and lose his cool so I would step right into this trap. Michio struggled, but the caltrops held fast.  Where did he get these? Caltrops usually break after a few seconds; they’re mainly used for slowing an opponent down. “This fight isn’t over, Kaito!” he screamed as his cousin jumped on the branch he was standing on.

“Oh, really?”  Kaito reached into his jacket and pulled out another katana.  Michio’s eyes widened with shock, and he struggled to break free as Kaito walked toward him.  “This fight is over,” Kaito agreed, putting the katana to his exposed neck,  “for you.”  Michio looked like he was about to scream.  This was a Kaito he had never seen before; one that he couldn’t defeat.

To his surprise, Kaito lowered the katana and put it back in his jacket.  “You’re not going to kill me?” Michio asked; surprised and relieved at the same time.

“No.” he said.  “You’re going to stay right there.  For your sake, Michio, I hope you understand what I’m doing.   We’re still connected by blood, and it would be wrong to kill one of my own bloodline.  And,” he said, “since I won, I think it would be foolish of you to fight me again.”

Michio was again surprised my Kaito’s humbleness.  “Unless you want to hang there forever,” he continued, ‘you have to promise me not to harm anybody who knows me, and that includes David.  And one more thing: if I ever have a child, I don’t want you to chase after them.  I don’t want a war between our two families.”  He turned to Michio.  “Do you understand what I’m staying?”

Michio was silent.  In other words, I can’t touch him and his family.  Either that or I die up here.  He looked at Kaito.  I don’t know exactly how, Kaito, but you’re becoming my superior.  You’re the one who had the skills to win this battle, and I have to acknowledge that.  He remembered what Kaito had said a moment ago: since I won, I think it would be foolish of you to fight me again.      

But if I do say yes, I’m bound by my word.  One of my brothers can kill him if I die here, so I shouldn’t give in to his demands.  He opened his mouth to answer Kaito, but his cousin help up a hand to silence him.

“Don’t answer me now, Michio.  I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon; tell me your answer then.”  With that, Kaito, with his hair soaking wet and the leather pouch hanging against his side, he walked away.


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