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Have a very Merry Christmas, everyone!  I might post a Christmas special. . . (shrugs) Depends.

Another song:   (John 3: 16 and 17)


Sorry Ninja Bodyguard’s so slow lately.  I’ve been sick over the past couple of weeks . . . (coughs and turns back to computer).

Well, Chess Board 2, the sequel to Chess Board 1 (if you didn’t know that already) is out, and you can watch it here:

No, this did not take me 1 and a half weeks to make (I wish.  The first one took about 3 weeks; maybe more!).  I started it in late October, drawing stuff on Windows Paint, stopped and didn’t go back to it until mid-November, didn’t finish until December 10 (or sometime like that; maybe December 9), and posted it the next day.  It’s only been six days and (as of now), there’s been 78 views.  The first one trickled with viewers, but there’s been a lot more views on this one (cheers).

Well, enjoy!   The next one, along with the next part of Ninja Bodyguard, is in progress! 🙂

(sorry, no subtitles this time; I was too lazy.  It takes a pretty long time, believe it or not)

Yay, Part 12 is here!  Sorry for the wait, guys. 

Part 13 will most likely be the last part; if not, then Part 14.  But for now, here’s 12.

(It’s even shorter . . . it seems that with every part I add, the next part is shorter and shorter . . .)


That night was the longest one of Michio’s life. 

No matter how much he struggled, the caltrops held strong, and when he tried to use his teeth to get a weapon, the caltrop that pinned down the back of his shirt stopped him. 

With every rustle, he turned, hoping it was Kaito, but it was always just an animal, or the wind, or a loose branch.  His blood dried on his hands, arms, and legs and it stained the branch. The pain in his foot was still strong after a few hours.

“Kaito!” he shouted angrily at around midnight.  But there was no answer, because no one was there.  He hung his head in bitter defeat and tried to sleep.

The next thing Michio knew, the sun shone through the leaves of the tree, and he tried to shield his eyes from the light, but his hand held tight.  That was when he remembered, and Michio sighed.  His foot was numb; either Kaito had stabbed a nerve or his foot was asleep.  Sleep- that’s what I need.  He was about to close his eyes when he saw someone below him.  Kaito?

“Oh; it’s just you.”  David Banner was staring at him, looking shocked.  “Get lost; this is bad enough without you looking at me like a vulture.” Michio hissed.

“Did . . . did Kaito do that to you?” he asked.  Michio heard the fear he had tried to hide in his voice, and smirked.

“Isn’t it obvious?” he asked.  “That’s right; your good friend Kaito did this to me.  Being a ninja isn’t all fun and games, you know, and he’s better than I thought.”  Michio sighed.  “And now, I’ll be dishonored anyway.”

“Why?” David asked, confused.

“Why do you think my father sent me, and not one of my brothers?” Michio hissed.  “I’ve already brought shame to my family, and this was my chance to redeem myself.  But I’m stuck in a tree, defeated, and when I return home I’ll be disowned for sure.”

David was silent, and after a few minutes he wheeled away.  I don’t blame him. Michio thought.  He closed his eyes and tried to sleep.

“Michio.”  The next thing he knew, Kaito was in front of him.  “Well?  Do we have a deal of not?”   He noticed his katana reflecting the sun’s light, and it looked like Kaito had sharpened it.

“Fine.” he practically whispered.

“What?  I didn’t hear you, Michio.”

“I said fine!” he screamed in defeat and pain.  “Alright.  My family won’t harm you again.  Now let me down!”

Kaito removed the caltrops on his cousin’s hands, and the one on the back of his neck, and Michio took the one out of his foot.  He didn’t scream, even though the whole process hurt terribly. “Get out of here, Michio.” he said.  “Get out of here, and don’t come back.”

Michio stared at him for a long moment, with hatred and rage in his eyes.  But finally, he jumped down from the tree and walked out of the forest, not to be seen again.

Kaito heard cheers and turned to see Hayato, Ritsuki, and Takami standing on the ground behind him.  “Nice job.” Takami said with a smile.

“Thanks.”  Kaito jumped down from the tree and almost stumbled into Ritsuki. 

“I guess you need to get some sleep.” Hayato teased him.  “I don’t really blame you; trying to defeat your cousin is hard work.  Anyway, we’ll sub in for guarding David today, and you get some sleep, okay?”

Kaito nodded, happy and relieved, and in a few minutes he had collapsed in bed, sleeping soundly.            


“Kaito?  Kaito!” 

“Huh?  Wha?”  Kaito opened his eyes to see Hayato standing above him.

“I just heard from David that his parents are coming home early!  Come on; you need to be downstairs before they arrive!”

“What?!”  Kaito was wide awake now, and he jumped out of bed. 

Hayato chuckled.  “You even slept with your jacket on?  Man, Kaito, sometimes I really don’t get you.”  Hayato snickered as Kaito went to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

About ten minutes later, the Banners, Atticus, and Kaito were standing near the front door.  Mr. Banner had launched a thirty-minute oration about their trip, and Kaito was anxious for it to end. 

“But enough of that.” Mr. Banner said finally.  “How were things with Kaito, David?  How do you think he did?”

Sorry Ninja Bodyguard Part 12 is taking so long!  But here’s a little something while you guys wait: my first animated movie:

It was made on Windows Movie Maker, and I hand-drew all the pictures on Windows Paint (no Flash programs were used).  The voices, which were recorded by my mom’s Webcam (a Logitech Webcam, to be exact) are all by me, and the Music came from the ‘My Music’ folder on my mom’s laptop (I didn’t even know that music existed until then . . .).  The sound effects (well, the thunder sound effect and the ‘da da da duuummm!’ noise) are downloaded from this site:, and they are from Legend of Zelda- The Minish Cap.  This took me a few weeks to make.

Well, enjoy!

UPDATE: Also, here is my channel, if anybody in interested:


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