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A short story I wrote for English class back in January.  It’s also here.

Hope you like it.

At the base of Mount Fuji, completely surrounded by forest and nature, is the Tempest Dojo, which can only be entered by select youth, distinguished by their great talent and ability.  About twenty are there at a time, and the aging Master Sai Satou teaches all the students.  One particular student there, Fuuki, was sent there for a reason unknown to her.  She knew close to nothing about fighting, but a lot about running, as she had lived on the streets since five years old.  Even though Fuuki had seen many fights, she had not fought much herself, and was ranked as the worst student in the dojo.
This is her story.

“Oof!”  The blow knocked Fuuki to the mat.  The Master gave her a reassuring smile, but she stood up frustrated.  “Why am I in this dojo, Master?” she asked.  “I can’t defeat anyone!  And you were going easy on me, I’m sure.”
“Now Fuuki, don’t be put down so easily,” Master Sai said comfortingly.  He fought well for his age of seventy-six, and a trace of a beard was growing on his chin.  His gray hair was put in a topknot; he claimed that made him feel younger.
Putting a hand on Fuuki’s heart, he said, “Inside you, your true power is sleeping, but nothing has awakened it- yet.  Even I can’t arouse your true strength from its slumber.”  He laughed warmly and took his hand away.
“How can it be awakened, Master?” Fuuki asked eagerly.
He shook his head.  “No one and no-thing can force it out of you, Fuuki.  You must awaken it by yourself, and in your own time.”
“Very well, Master.”  She bowed and walked out of the room.  Hana was waiting for her in their bedroom.
“Did you win?”  Fuuki climbed to the top bunk and flopped down on her bed.  “I guess that’s a no, huh?”  Hana was her roommate and friend in the dojo.  Out of all the students, she was the top third.
“Why was I sent here?”  Fuuki thought aloud.  “You’re a very good fighter, Hana, but I knew next to nothing about fighting when I arrived, and I still don’t know much.  I mean, I was arrested for thievery, and they bailed me out of jail for me to come here.  But for what?”  She put her fist above her head.  “I still don’t understand this “Heisei Heika”, the “Calm Warfare”.”  She sighed and put her hands behind her head.
“I’m sure you’ll understand it eventually and find your Signature Move.”  During their training, every student, no matter how good or bad, would suddenly discover their Signature Move.  The Master said it would come from deep in your heart, and that everyone has one, but they have yet to discover it.  Hana’s Signature Move was the Rose Thorn Assault; the Master also told them the name of their Signature Move would come the moment they performed it.
“I’ll help you train if you want, Fuuki.” Hana offered.
“Thanks, Hana.  You’re a really good friend.”  At that moment, the gong for dinner rang, and both girls bolted out the door.
When they arrived, there were two plates left on the table.  Hana lunged through the door and snatched one, but when Fuuki reached for the other, someone took it.  She turned around to see Tenri standing behind her with a grin on his face, with one plate in each of his huge hands.
“That’s not fair, Tenri.  You can only take one.” she said angrily.  Tenri was the top student, and known as a bully.
“Yeah?  Better think twice ’bout that.”  In a few minutes, he cleared the plate that would have been Fuuki’s.  But he stopped when he reached the second one.  “Hey, I have an idea.  Fight me for this meal.”
“No way!” she said, even though her stomach was growling.  “I can’t win, and you know it.”
“Fine.”  He cleared her plate within minutes and walked away, smirking.
“Fuuki, why didn’t you accept his challenge?” Hana asked, starting to eat her meal and giving some to her friend.  “You could find your Signature Move, and-”
“No!”  Hana jumped at her friend’s voice.  “I’ll get defeated miserably, and be shamed.  The Master would probably kick me out of the school.  And if he does, it’s back on the streets for me.”  Fuuki turned away.  “You wouldn’t understand, Hana.  You’ve never lived like I have.”  She walked out of the dining hall and back to the bedroom.  Hana watched her go, sad for Fuuki.

An hour later, Hana hadn’t returned.  Where is she? Fuuki thought as she walked to the bathroom.  When she returned, there was a note on the door.
Go to the Outer Gardens if you want to see Hana again.  She growled in her throat and charged out of the bedroom, and didn’t stop running until she reached the Outer Gardens.  The plants were truly beautiful in the moonlight, but Fuuki had no time to think about that.
She reached the courtyard and saw Hana tied to a statue of Buddha.  Hana started talking franticly, but there was a gag over her mouth, making the words muffled.  “I’ll untie you, Hana!”  But she soon found out the knots were too tight.  “I need a knife to cut the rope,” she muttered, reaching for the gag.
“I have one.”  She turned around to see Tenri; he was cracking his knuckles and walking towards them.  “But you’ll have to beat me to get it.  You can’t turn down this challenge, Fuuki, unless you want Hana to die in Buddha’s arms.”  He laughed and motioned to the knife on his belt, the blade glinting evilly in the moonlight.
“I accept your challenge, you sick and unfair bully.”  Fuuki clenched her fists in anger.
“Alright, pathetic street girl.  I’ll beat you in no time flat.”  Tenri charged at her and threw a punch.  She dodged, and ducked at the kick aimed at her head.  “On defense already, are you?  Well, you can’t block this.”  He put his hands together, as if he was praying, pointed his hands at her, and charged.  “Tiger Soul Fist!”
Fuuki had no time to dodge, but she had an idea.  It was the move the Master had used to defeat her earlier.  She flexed her palms, as if stretching, and the palms of her hands blocked Tenri’s Signature Move.  “If I can’t dodge, I’ll parry!” she yelled.  Then she thrust her hands outward, turning the Tiger Soul Fist away from her.
Something started rumbling inside her, and not really knowing what she was doing, she clenched her fists and put them at her sides.  “Lighting Strike!”  Then, like she was possessed, she punched both fists at once, and they headed towards Tenri’s face.
The force of the blow snapped his chin back, and Fuuki used that distraction to land a series of blows to his chest.  When he landed on the ground, both fists were at her side, right where they had been when she started.  “Did I do that?” she muttered, looking at her hands.  Then she got the knife from Tenri’s belt and cut Hana’s ropes.
“That was amazing, Fuuki!  You’re finally found your Signature Move!” Hana said excitedly.  “Now you have to fight the Master, so he can tell you how much power it has!”
“I guess.”  Unsure, relieved, and surprised, Fuuki threw the knife on the ground.  “Thanks, Tenri.  This fight really helped me.  And Hana did help me train, like she offered to, even though I doubt this was what she had in mind.”  Then they walked away.  Finally, Fuuki was triumphant.

The Lighting Strike turned out to be on the highest level of power a Signature Move could be.  Fuuki realized that it was from all the nights she had spent sitting in the rain, trying to stay dry with a newspaper, while listening to the devastating thunder and seeing the lighting.
After that day, Fuuki fought better than ever before, completely dedicating herself to the Heisei Heika instead of feeling sorry for herself.  She quickly became the top student, defeating even Hana and the devastating Rose Thorn Assault.  But her friend was happy for her, happy that Fuuki had finally found a purpose in life.
How do I know this?  I, to, was a student of the Tempest Dojo, learning the Heisei Heika, the Calm Warfare.  I was defeated by Fuuki and learned that I was not “all that”, as Americans would say, and that there was more to life than demanding something of others.
You are correct.  I am Tenri Goro, the one who bullied everyone.  Now, Fuuki, Hana, and I are good friends, and Fuuki was been an inspiration to me.  She overcame her past, but I had not overcome mine.
You want to know more, do you?  Come closer, and I will tell you how the Heisei Heika changed everyone who practiced the ancient martial art.  Including Master Sai Satou.


Haven’t posted anything since . . . wow, since mid-May.  So here’s something:

Inspiration isn’t something that you can order around, but it will come to you.


Come to think of it, that may be why I haven’t been posting anything lately:  lack of inspiration.  Or it could be lazy summer days just getting to me. 😉

Hope to put up the next part of Ninja Bodyguard up soon (since I haven’t put up any parts since January).  If you have time, check out my Deviantart account while I wait for that inspiration (


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