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Fang 2- Part 2

Posted on: February 11, 2013

“What do you mean, a tipping scale?”  Lunar turned and faced the Servant.

“It’s about time I saw your face.”  The Servant chuckled, his wide grin still plastered on his face.

“I asked you a question.  Now answer!”  Lunar took a step forward with one fist clenched.

“You wouldn’t dare hurt me, Lunar.  Not that you could, anyway, but if you want your brother to be safe in my realm, you won’t lay a finger on me.”

“What!”  Lunar looked at the Servant’s large stomach in disbelief.  “You already took him to your realm?”

“Of course, and I was right on time like always.”  The Servant cleared his throat.  “Now- where were we- oh yes, what I said about Fang.  He’s not exactly a creature of light, yet he’s not a creature of darkness either.  Right now his light is shining, but if he turns toward the darkness for too long, he can turn into a creature of darkness.  We’ll know exactly who he is after the test.”

Lunar was silent.  “Fang’s going to need all the help he can get, Lunar.  And if you want, I’ll take you into my realm.”  The Servant rubbed his belly and chuckled again.  “I can always fit another one in here.”

“You want me to . . . to go back there?”  Lunar asked, wincing at the memories that rushed at him.

“If you want to help Fang.”

For a long time, Lunar didn’t speak.  His face was twisted in anger as he thought, and the Servant leaned forward with a smile when Lunar finally spoke.  “I wouldn’t be a good brother if I just stayed here and waited.  So,” Lunar clenched a trembling fist, “I’ll go.”

Unexpectedly, the Servant reached out and patted Lunar’s head with his large hand.  “You are a good brother to him, aren’t you?”

“Even though Fang’s a creature of light now, I haven’t let go of him.” Lunar said.  He looked up at the servant.  “Take me to your Realm of Darkness.”


“Get up, Guarding Fang.”

Fang opened his eyes to see someone above him.  “Who are you?” he asked; standing up.  The figure, a fifteen year old boy, wore a light gray shirt and jeans.  His bare feet were scarred and bruised, as was his hands and face.  His radiant blue eyes were locked on Fang, and his hair was dark gray color.

“My name is Jealous Ghost,” he said, “but most people call me Jasper these days.”

“You must be one of the five Testers.” Fang said.  Jasper smiled.

“I’m glad you recognized me so easily.  But before we begin, there’s something I must make clear.

“Normally this would be a test to strengthen your dark powers, but for you, this test is going to determine if the light inside of you can be blown out.  You see, you’re not a full creature of light- yet.  You’re like a scale with darkness on one side and light on the other, and right now the light is outweighing the darkness.”  Jasper chuckled.  “You are Guarding Fang, but the question is: who are you guarding; the darkness or the light?”

Fang didn’t say anything.  “Which side are you going to fight on, now that I just gave you this information?” Jasper asked.

“I’ll prove that the light in me isn’t going out easily.” he said; clenching one fist.

“Then let’s begin.”  Jasper put one hand on the ground and pulled out a handful of darkness; then he molded it into a sword.  “This should do nicely.”  He pointed the sword at Fang.  “I hope you’re ready.”  Jasper charged.


Lunar opened his eyes and saw familiar darkness.  “I’m here.” he thought aloud; standing up.  “Now to find Fang.”  He started walking away.

“Are you satisfied, Lunar?” the Servant’s voice surrounded Lunar, echoing in his ears.

“I’m satisfied, but I’ll be happier when I find Fang.” he answered.  I’m here again, but this time I’m here for a different reason.  He clenched his fist in determination and kept walking.


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