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Fang 2- Part 3

Posted on: February 12, 2013

Fang moved out of the way a split second before Jasper would have hit him, and turned around to face his foe.  Jasper smiled and walked into the darkness- and instantly merged with the shadows with he did so.

“You might be the one taking the test,” he heard Jasper say, “but with all this darkness, I have the upper hand.”

“Don’t be too sure.”  Fang whirled around just before his enemy was going to jump out of the shadows, and he grabbed Jasper’s shoulders.  “Lunar always did this to me, so I’m pretty good at playing along.”  He pushed Jasper out of the shadows and snatched the dark sword.  Without warning, it disintegrated in his hands- leaving the Tester weaponless.

“Not bad.”  Jasper rubbed his shoulder.  “But you’ll have to do better than that to beat me.  And, with all this darkness,” he smiled and pulled out another handful, “there’s no limit to what I can create.”  This time he molded it into a scythe and pointed it at Fang.

Before Fang could move, Jasper dashed toward his and swung the scythe at his chest.  He barely dodged; the edge of the scythe grazed his shirt.  “You know, Fang,” Jasper said as he jabbed at his victim, “I was friends with humans once too, and now I know it was a very foolish mistake.”

“Maybe for you.” Fang clapped his hands to catch the sharp blade just before it hit, and pushed it away, causing Jasper to stumble for a moment before preparing for another attack.

“Being around humans made me realize how idiotic they are.” Jasper said as he swung.  “Humans have emotions, but they mostly use them for foolish purposes.”  Fang dodged the blade again.  “And some of the humans I met just wasted their emotions away by getting drunk.”  Jasper swung for the second time.

“My friends use their emotions to help others, and they don’t waste them.”  Fang slid underneath the swing, grabbed the scythe’s handle, and pulled it towards the ground.  The tip of the blade touched the shadows, and instantly the weapon disintegrated into dark dust.  Jasper gritted his teeth in anger.

“So, you want to play rough, do you?”  Two dark spheres appeared on Jasper’s hands.  “Then let’s go!”  He charged at Fang and, before Fang could move, Jasper grabbed his shoulders and pushed him into darkness.  The two spheres dug into Fang’s skin, and he cried out in pain.

“I can feel that light of your going out.” Jasper said triumphantly; an evil grin was on his face.  “Looks to me like you’re about to fail the test.”

Fang gritted his teeth.  “Don’t . . . be . . . to . . . sure . . .” He weakly reached out and grabbed Jasper’s wrist.  Jasper tried to shake him off, but Fang’s grip tightened with every passing moment.

“What’s the point of this?” Jasper asked.  Fang suddenly lashed out and kicked his tester’s chest; knocking Jasper away.  The dark spheres disappeared from his hands.

“All the humans I met turned away from me in the end.” Jasper said as he stood up.  “The only reason I came in contact with them in the first place was because of their emotions.”  He turned away from Fang.  “They . . . intrigued me back then, but now I’ve learned that humans take their emotions for granted.

“You passed this part of the test, but it’s going to get harder from this point on.”  Jasper walked into the darkness and disappeared.


   Alexis opened her eyes and sat up; she noticed her friends were unconscious next to her.  “Huh?  Where are we?”  Looking around, she saw that they were in a large, steel cage surrounded by darkness, but strangely, a dim ray of light was shining on the cage.

“You’re in a Realm of Darkness, of course.”  She jumped at the loud voice.

“Who’s there?  Show yourself!”  Alexis stood up.

“I would if I could, but that is quite impossible at the moment.  Just wait until Fang arrives, or maybe Lunar will reach you . . . maybe.”  The person chuckled, and then Alexis felt their presence disappear- at least, for the moment.

“Alexis?”  She turned around and saw Melissa starting to stir.  “What’s going on?  I got shocked by something, and- where are we?  Is this a cage?”

Alexis nodded.  “I’m going to see if there’s a way out.”  She looked around for a lock, but there wasn’t one.  “Well, breaking the lock is out or the question, and so is breaking the cage; since everything seems to be made of steel.”

“We’re trapped?!” Melissa didn’t even try to hide the fear in her voice.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure Fang is here; he’ll find us.”  She gave her sister a reassuring hug.


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