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the musings of an impassioned young author

Hey people!

My name is Naomi and I really like to write.  You’ll find mostly stories here, so if you don’t like to read you better find a new page fast (lol).

I’ll post stuff chapter by chapter, and please comment on my stuff!  I’ll take helpful criticism, but please don’t say something like ‘this story stinks.’ Thanks, and enjoy 😉


All writings (but not all videos) belong to me.  Please don’t steal!


9 Responses to "About the Author"

you really good . . . i read fang and well i liked it 🙂 we’ll miss you guys!

P.S. lexi is me hehe

You are an amazing writer, keep it up! We will miss you and your sister!

Thanks! You guys are going to make me cry if this keeps up though; I am really going to miss you guys.

You are such a great writer!! We will miss you!!!

Thanks, Baird! I will miss Oakwood too; that’s one thing for sure.

Hey, you are a really good writer! And we are going to miss you!

Thanks you, Mackenzie. I’m going to miss you guys too. But if I finish it, I’m going to leave a little something with the Upper School; I just hope I finish it in time.

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