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After four months, Chess Board 3 is here!  Here’s the link:

For anyone who wants to see the first two parts, here they are:


Sorry Ninja Bodyguard’s so slow lately.  I’ve been sick over the past couple of weeks . . . (coughs and turns back to computer).

Well, Chess Board 2, the sequel to Chess Board 1 (if you didn’t know that already) is out, and you can watch it here:

No, this did not take me 1 and a half weeks to make (I wish.  The first one took about 3 weeks; maybe more!).  I started it in late October, drawing stuff on Windows Paint, stopped and didn’t go back to it until mid-November, didn’t finish until December 10 (or sometime like that; maybe December 9), and posted it the next day.  It’s only been six days and (as of now), there’s been 78 views.  The first one trickled with viewers, but there’s been a lot more views on this one (cheers).

Well, enjoy!   The next one, along with the next part of Ninja Bodyguard, is in progress! 🙂

(sorry, no subtitles this time; I was too lazy.  It takes a pretty long time, believe it or not)

Sorry Ninja Bodyguard Part 12 is taking so long!  But here’s a little something while you guys wait: my first animated movie:

It was made on Windows Movie Maker, and I hand-drew all the pictures on Windows Paint (no Flash programs were used).  The voices, which were recorded by my mom’s Webcam (a Logitech Webcam, to be exact) are all by me, and the Music came from the ‘My Music’ folder on my mom’s laptop (I didn’t even know that music existed until then . . .).  The sound effects (well, the thunder sound effect and the ‘da da da duuummm!’ noise) are downloaded from this site:, and they are from Legend of Zelda- The Minish Cap.  This took me a few weeks to make.

Well, enjoy!

UPDATE: Also, here is my channel, if anybody in interested:


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