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Recently, an Arizona Congresswoman named Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head at point-blank range.  Jared Lee Loughner also killed six people in the shooting, including a nine-year old girl and a judge.  He also injured thirteen people.

Let’s talk about this for a minute.

Before January 8, 2011, Loughner was just one person in America.  He might have gotten some traffic tickets, maybe even bought some burgers at McDonalds like most of us do.  I hardly knew anything about him at all.  But now, he even has his own Wikipedia page (no lie.  You can look it up for yourself if you don’t believe me).

Before that day, he had a YouTube account like thousands- maybe even millions– of people do.  I watched a few myself after January 8, and I have to admit he’s a pretty strange guy.  Maybe the views he gave to the public long before the shooting were hints of what he would do in the future.  But he probably didn’t know that either; no one can say exactly what they’re going to do twenty years from now, because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.   

What you do in the past shapes your actions in the future, and that’s true for everyone; you’re no exception, and I can’t bend the rules either.  Maybe this article will shape what happens in the future for the people who read it.

What happened to Congresswoman Giffords and the others who were killed and injured will affect not only them, but other people as well.  But no matter where this goes, America and its people will still be here when the dust settles.  We don’t go down easily.

God bless America, and God help Congresswoman Giffords and all those affected by the tragedy to recover.


Have a very Merry Christmas, everyone!  I might post a Christmas special. . . (shrugs) Depends.

Another song:   (John 3: 16 and 17)

I wish everyone a happy 2010 thanksgiving!  I was going to write a Thanksgiving story, but I didn’t have enough time . . . well, here’s a song to think about.  Have a happy, safe, and, of course, thankful Thanksgiving!

Lyrics can be found here:

I’m taking a break from Ninja Bodyguard to put this on the blog.

How many people like James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series? (I can hear the ‘me!’s from all those people in love with Fang (James Patterson’s Fang, not mine) . . . sigh)

Some people might know already, but there was a contest that you would write your chapter of what happened when Max taught Dylan how to fly.  I typed up my chapter, but when I looked at the paperwork you had to mail, it said that you had to be thirteen or older.  And, even though my birthday was in about three months, I was still twelve.

Let me tell you, it was so tempting to lie about my age, but I didn’t.  So I’ll show you guys my chapter instead (I wonder who won the contest . . .)

For people who don’t read the Max Ride series, here’s a very basic summary for this- Max and Dylan are mutated people, so they’re humans with wings (this is not Peter Pan, folks).  Dylan can’t fly well, so Max is giving him a lesson.  Also, the Voice is a voice in Max’s head that appears at random times.

Enjoy the chapter!


“Oh gosh, Max, I don’t know.” Dylan said, looking at the ground from the roof.  To tell you the truth, I don’t know what he was so worried about, beside crash landing, I mean.  There was just the front yard and the driveway.  And unless he failed Max’s Flying School for Dummies, there was no way we were going to touch the driveway.

“It’ll be fine, Dylan.  Just get off the roof, and you’ll be flying like a natural.” I reassured him, trying not to convert to Max the Drill Sergeant.  “I’ve flown higher than this, lots higher, and I’m still here, aren’t I?  And if I can do it, so can you.”

“Okay Max.  I’m trusting you on this.” Dylan took a breath.  Hard to believe this is my “perfect other half” I thought to myself as I got closer to Dylan.

“Okay, on the count of three, I’m going to push you.  One, two-“I pushed Dylan off the roof, and he started falling towards the ground.  He tried to flap his wings and go up, but no dice.  He looked like a freaked stunt pilot who forgot his parachute.  If he wasn’t possibly going to break a couple bones, I might have laughed, but this was serious at the time.

“Spread those wings, or you’re going to kill yourself!” I said, flying down towards him.  Trust me, I am not going to pay your medical bills if you fail this. I thought.  He looked at me and mimicked what I was doing with my wings.  “Good!  Now follow me!”  I started flying up, and he followed.  He didn’t seem to notice how high we were getting until I stopped and looked down.  He stopped next to me, and the tip of one of his wings brushed against mine.

“Whoa.” Dylan breathed, and looked down.  Now the house was a bit more than a dot, but I could still see it pretty well with raptor vision.  I hoped Iggy and Gassy weren’t taking advantage of me being gone and bombing anything.  “Look Max, I’m actually doing it!” Dylan started flying around, enjoying it and smiling.  Not as good as Fang’s Mona Lisa smile, of course.

“That’s great.” I said.  Really, it wasn’t too different from teaching the younger members of the flock, except this was my so called “perfect other half” and he was nothing like the flock.  Not to mention he’d only been alive and flapping for only eight months.

“You were right.” Dylan said, going next to me. “This is really great, with all this space. . . you and the flock must enjoy this all the time.”  There was a hint of a sigh in his voice that said You’ve been doing this for years and this is only my first time flying.

“Well, we’re usually flying for our lives away from crazy scientists who want to take over the world of whatever, so don’t feel so bad.” I told him. “And if you don’t get lost in all this sky, flying is the best thing in the world.” Next to Fang. I added silently.

You see, Max. The Voice decided to join in our conversation. You two can work together and help each other.  You two go perfectly together.

Say what you want, Voice, but that doesn’t mean I’m letting go of Fang for him. I thought firmly.  Then I turned to Dylan. “We should go back to the house.  You probably won’t need me anymore for flying, anyway.”

“Okay, Max.” Dylan agreed, but I was thinking, Is that regret in his voice? And as we flew back to the house, I couldn’t help but notice when he glanced at me every few moments.

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